WG bring an openness and knowledge of our business to the table, coupled with a desire to add value to our business and not just become an additional expense. We now have much more efficient monthly management accounts and a greater awareness of tax strategies, so we now keep a lot more of what we earn! The main benefit of working with WG is the regular assessment of our on-going strategy and by looking at the big picture they are constantly challenging us to develop our business.
Susie Hawkins, Managing Director of Simon Smith Group


We feel that WG are part of our team at board level. When you are running your own business it can be lonely at the top and difficult to discuss issues internally. In our regular meetings WG share ideas, act as a calming influence when necessary and have certainly helped to put us on the right track over the years. After our meetings we feel that everything has been put into perspective and we can move forward. Advice covers all aspects of our business including people, budgets and marketing. Most important of all is that they talk on our level.
Anthony Reeley, Director of Chace Care Limited and The Chace Rest Home


You guys are so good that I don’t want to give you a testimonial in case my competitors find out…. Actually that would be quite a good testimonial wouldn’t it?!
Oliver Latter, Managing Director of Boomeco


As promised, all the staff are more than willing to help with any query, and the speed of answer to problems is always excellent. Since we have started working with WG we have been able to delegate much of our tax planning and payroll to them, and with their advice on the rationalisation of systems we have been able to focus on the core aspects of the business. Overall the relationship between WG and ourselves is extremely beneficial and proactive.
Chris Davies, Managing Director of Idris Davies


Working with WG gives us assurance and peace of mind. Always available for a meeting or at the end of the phone, WG take the whole burden of accounts and tax off our shoulders. The management accounts give us an accurate insight on how things are going quarter by quarter and keep us on track to achieve our targets.
Umesh Korant, Managing Director of Cotswold Linen Care


We missed one of the monthly reviews and it felt like we were lost at sea without a rudder. They are vital part of this businesses success as they help drive us all forward. They help us make the big decisions better. And they help ensure stuff gets done. They are vital.
Rob Clarke, Co-owner of CC Ground Investigations


Having been recommended to WG after already having met a number of other accounting firms, I can honestly say, the communication and the service we have received has been first class right from the word go. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone looking for Accountants who really are on the ball.
Gordon McQuoid, Director of Latronis


WG has looked after our affairs for many years, providing good and straight forward advice, keeping the business clearly focused on its aims and objectives. We have enjoyed dealing with an accountant that works honestly and with integrity, where nothing seems too much trouble, and who, at short notice, can provide a quick service and gets the job done efficiently.
Hugh Fletcher, Partner in Fourways Dental Surgery


I just wanted to thank you for the help that you have given us over the last year. Looking back over the period, Barbara and I feel that with your guidance, we have been able to focus on and resolve most of the issues that were facing our business at the beginning of the year.
Robin Moinet, Kitchen Garden Foods


The team at WGCA are extremely professional and helpful. They are customer friendly and deal quickly with any queries, providing support and guidance that makes sense to the layman.
Paul Maisey, Advance Business Performance


With the assistance of WG, we not only understand the numbers better, but are kept on track and focused on our objectives at our quarterly meetings. WG goes that step further by offering friendly service and the support needed during these difficult times. They really understand our business.
Steven Gosling, Director of DSG Quantity Surveyors


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As a bookkeeper working for a number of clients, I have an overview of the service various accountants offer clients. I have no reservation in recommending WG Chartered Accountants as a firm who offer the most complete service in terms of support and advice to their clients at what seems a very reasonable rate. Their friendly cooperation in working with me enables us both to give the best possible service on a client’s behalf. I have recommended them to clients in search of a first rate accountancy service and would again.
Jonathan Gault , Bookkeeping Services

BoardTalk meetings with WG are an important focus for us to take time out to think about where we are with the business, otherwise it would just continue with normal daily tasks. Having an independent voice/arbitrator when sometimes we may not agree, and also having an external viewpoint of the firm has been a huge help for us. From startup, WG have helped us get the whole business going commercially, including a review of the business strategy and helping to straighten out financial plans.
Phil Ion, Managing Director of CORE Lighting


I have been with WG for 7 years and have always found them efficient and friendly to work with.
Neil Garner, Managing Director of Neil Garner Performance Engineering


I have used WGCA for many years and can vouch for their professional services – but also innovative support and seminars – definitely not your normal accountants!

Geoff Layland, Managing Director of Coretex Sales & Marketing


WG are always at the end of the phone to give good, straight forward, professional advice which has helped us keep moving in a more positive direction – and they keep our tax bills as low as possible.
Darren Brown, Managing Director of Minibus Direct UK


The catering business is very challenging and can be very stressful, so a level headed opinion on big business decisions is invaluable. We have instant access to Brian or Simon whenever we need to speak to them and they are the voice of reason whenever big decisions need to be made. WG are there to take care of the numbers for us, so that with their help, we are able concentrate on driving the business forward.
Michael Bedford, Director of The Chefs Table Limited


Changing accountants is a huge decision but we have absolutely no regrets about changing to WG. The one to one BoardTalk meetings give us the opportunity to step back and review where we are going and make us think about everything – and they are entertaining as well! The positive approach, making us accountable for agreed actions and excellent customer service, all make working with WG a great experience.
Tim Rogers and Alison Mayes, TK Refrigeration


It is great having WG on board as they are always working for our best interess and ensuring that our needs are met. We trust the informed decisions WG suggest as they know our business well and are able to deal with us on an individual level. By building a good rapport with them we are comfortable to discuss any issues in the knowledge that they will remain confidential. WG think outside the box and have given us the confidence to make important decisions. We are more than happy to vouch for their professionalism, reliability and approachability.
Sue Wilson, Managing Director of Circus Day Nursery


Since WG have come into our business they have helped us formulate a plan which is driving us towards our goals. I am sure most enterprises could benefit from their involvement.
Mike Fowler, Director of Mainpoint Fire Protection


Brian and the team provide Boomeco with a perfect sounding board. Is what you are doing getting you towards your goal? – that is a perfect mantra.
Phil Walsh, Manager at Boomeco


WG are more than just accountants! Brian and his team will assist you to achieve your goals. I am more than happy to recommend them.
Michael Durkan, Director of Durkan Cahill


WG always reign me in from my hectic day and remind me to slow down, think and plan.
Dave Thomson, Director of Alive IT


Right from the start, Brian has impressed me with his efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results I was looking for my clients. By working with Brian, I have been able to help my clients pay less tax and help them keep more of what they generate. Brian offers so much more than just being an accountant.
Dan Boote, Managing Director of Boote Financial Planning


Brian and the team at WG Chartered Accountants have proven themselves to be truly committed to the success of their clients. I have worked with Brian and his team for a number of years and they are always looking for ways to help their business owner clients achieve more profit, save more tax and enjoy their businesses more. I’m proud to work with them and suggest you seriously consider working with them too.
Paul Shrimpling, Managing Director of Remarkable Practice


Brian, just a word of thanks for the help and support you and your team have helped my business and me over the last four years. I appreciate both the support and sound financial advice you offer not only at our quarterly meetings but throughout the year as and when needed, much appreciated.
Steven Gosling, Managing Director of DSG Quantity Surveyors


I took on Brian and WG not just for financial accounting but more to assist us in setting up business basics and getting us on the right track for growth: like a business partner. This was definitely the right decision; with Brian’s continuously updated ‘added value’ services and support we now regard his firm as trusted advisors and I’d thoroughly recommend his services to anyone looking for the same.
Phil Ion, Managing Director of CORE Lighting


I have worked with Brian and his team since 1993. His service is always excellent and I have no reason to look anywhere elsewhere for my accountancy and business management service. Happy to recommend.
Geoff Layland, Managing Director of Coretex Sales & Marketing


WG have always responded quickly and comprehensively to any issues I need advice on and it is good to have someone there to listen when I have things I need to get off my chest! Since working with WG I now pay less tax, am more organised and realise the importance of planning and strategies to moving my business forward.
David Little, Managing Director of Rockfield Projects


With WG things get done and as a result we know what is going on with the accounting and tax elements of our business giving us confidence to move forward.
Martin Constable, Managing Director of Systematix Computer Solutions


WG are in touch with my business. They understand how it works and how I work and gentle but persistent reminders keep me up to date. WG provide total support and go above and beyond what you would expect from accountants.
Nick Sherborne, Managing Director of Sherborne Homes


If you ask WG a straight question you get a straight answer. Preparing monthly management accounts keeps us on track and the quarterly meetings have helped us to take a more professional and focused approach to the business.
Martin Beeby, Managing Director of Martcom Computer Solutions


WG take a holistic approach to accounting – I know that overview of our day to day needs is in safe hands but, as its lonely at the top, I also know WG are always there when I need them to listen to concerns, give advice and even act as mentor.
Alex Rose, Beards the Jeweller, Cheltenham


For all the years that we have worked with WG they have provided excellent day to day support. The patience and support they show when we ask questions is a great comfort to us and we have absolute trust in their advice. On top of all that they have helped us minimise our tax bills!
David Barker, Financial Director of Portek


WG are not just accountants! For someone like myself, with an entrepreneurial spirit, WG provide a one stop shop where, for one monthly fee, we can get advice and help on all of the business interests – a great sounding board to run ideas past. WG are big enough to have expertise and give advice but small enough to care, understanding our needs and adapting accordingly. Treated as individuals we are not lost in a sea of people and have built up a friendship partnership over the years of working together.
Alex Clark, Managing Director of Alex Clark Residential Lettings & Management


Communication with WG is great. I know that I can always pick up the phone and I will get friendly and professional help. Over the years they have helped us enormously and reduced our tax bills along the way.
Nigel Spurway, Managing Director of Richard Popham


WG always give us great advice. They are patient, impartial, deal with the whole business and not just the accounts, and they tell it how it is. Helping us to plan for the future and save tax have also helped the business move forward.
Martin Ebdon, Director of The Lines Group


WG are friendly and approachable. They understand exactly how our business works and we have absolute trust in their advice.
Malcolm Cutler, Managing Director of FSC Development Services


WG go beyond an accounting service – they are proactive and always there to talk through new ideas.
Shaun Pitt, Managing Director of Camrik


Working with WG is an enjoyable experience. Friendly, always available with a good, fast response they have helped steer us through the complexities of business.
Jeff Clarke, Managing Director of JCA Design


Working with WG is like being part of one team – we have a very easy and relaxed relationship. They are there when we need help on the phone or in a meeting and will hold our hand, when necessary, to get things done. Although very flexible in their approach they make sure we do everything on time
Jill Parkinson, Managing Director of Comparo


We have worked with WGCA for over 10 years and have always found them to be a very professional and efficient organisation. They are generous with their time, explain things very well, are precise, accurate and always responsive.
Alan Graham and Nicholas Bliss, Cascade Development Company


With the help of WG we have seen another good year with increased sales and profits. The regular BoardTalk meetings have really helped us to keep focused on the business and we rely on their very accurate forecasts that have allowed us to plan ahead with confidence. We also discuss new ideas and they also attend meetings with our bank and provide us with a very useful network of contacts.
Vanessa Fowler, Managing Director, Heroes for Kids


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